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January 2021...
Senior Frontend & Geospatial Technical LeadKablamo

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- Host the fortnightly frontend catchup where we discuss emerging frontend technology and trends and showcase frontend work our team has achieved.
- Mentor frontend developers to reach their full potential
- Consult on the geospatial projects
- Build prototypes for client tenders
- Get developers excited about 3D visualisations and geospatial applications
- Build out and manage our geospatial knowledge base
- Architect and pitch solutions to clients during the sales cycle and development cycle
- Interview candidates for our frontend team
- Work with clients during engagements to make sure we're delivering on their needs
✨Upgrade March 2022✨
Tech Lead -> Senior Tech Lead
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2016-December 2020
Senior Software Engineer /
(Engineering) Head of Visualiser
Propeller Aero

- Build and maintain 3D drone mapping visualisation tool leveraging React, Redux and CesiumJS
- Build and maintain the backend service written in Koa serving both REST and GraphQL endpoints
- Mentor junior developers on software best practices and run workshops on the technologies and methodologies we use such as React, Redux, Node, Koa, Express, TDD.
- Scrum master for a small team of developers
- Write and maintain webpack and CI tooling and configuration to facilitate complex frontend builds
- Deliver software demos to the company to showcase work delivered
- Lead hiring interviews for Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Head of Engineering, Product Owners
- Facilitate regular team retros and feedback sessions
- Run One-to-Ones with the engineers
- Champion best practices and standards
- Visit customers to understand their needs and communicate back to the teams
- Translate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders
- Build technical roadmaps and documentation to facilitate modernisation of an aging codebase
- Build feature usage dashboards so we can make informed data-driven decisions
- Write Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform to generate the AWS cloud infrastructure to host our applications
- Architect simple solutions to complex problems with the team of engineers
Skills snapshot:
- Expert level React
- Expert level Node
- Strong mapping skills
- CesiumJS
- Resium
- Leaflet
- Mapbox
- Tech/Team Leading
- Developer Experience
- Agile ceremony facilitation
- OKR planning
- Mentoring
- Stakeholder management
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Senior Software EngineerMi9/Channel 9

- Work as part of a scrum team to create and maintain the whole of Channel 9’s network of websites
- Leading teams to deliver these websites
- Set the technical direction of the teams to ensure we’re moving forward and taking advantage of best practices and new technology
- Helped deliver the first webpack built website in the network and help transition away from gulp and grunt
- Worked on the component library for Channel 9 to help share code across different codebases
- Pushed for React adoption within the company and lead the team building in React
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Software EngineerPace International, Sydney office

- Work as part of a small remote team to deliver Foxtel iQ3 UI software written in HTML, CSS and JS
- Deliver software demos to customer stakeholders
- Work with other vendors to align on delivery and usage of APIs
- Work with set top box hardware to diagnose and solve issues
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Software EngineerAsidua, Belfast

- Work as part of scrum teams on many projects across the business
- Work onsite with customer teams to deliver software projects
- Communicate progress with external stakeholders on behalf of the business
Notable projects:
- Built a testing framework from scratch for set top box hardware in Perl + HTML/CSS/JS
- Rebuilt the BTVision set top box UI software with a focus on reducing memory footprint in JS
- Worked on high speed communications ordering tool for well known telecommunications company in Java + Angular JS
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Bachelors of Engineering in Computer ScienceQueens University Belfast

Java DemonstratorQueens University Belfast

Database AdministratorCentral Services Agency Northern Ireland
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